Product designer

ā€” Building things worth building

Iā€™m Stefanos, a product designer living in Brisbane, Helsinki, Stockholm, Athens. For almost a decade, I have designed digital products and services for various industries such as healthcare, hospitality and sports.

Iā€™m used to working on all aspects of the end-to-end design process, including research, user experience and visual design - always driven by data and insights.

TL;DR I love building things worth building.

Transforming the ordering process between wholesalers and restaurants with the help of AI

Selected work


Improving clinical practice performance with gamification elements

Design system, UX, UI, Product strategy

Helping leading restaurant operators make more informed decisions

Strategy, Idea validation, Prototyping, User testing

Completely redesigning Greece's leading livescore app

Design system, Strategy, Market & Competitor analysis

Introducing data-driven decision making to one of Finland's biggest pharmaceutical companies

Global campaign fighting violence against women


Made with ā¤ļø and ā˜•


I'm a believer in leveraging an interdisciplinary combination of research, design thinking and insight analysis to create sustainable solutions rooted in systemic thinking.

TL;DR I love building things worth building.

Introducing an updated design system to millions of visitors

Selected work

2018 ā€” 2023

UX, User testing

Norma business intelligence

Strategy, Idea validation, Prototyping

SDG aligned surplus food marketplace

Micro-mentoring powered by AI

Product Development, UX, UI

Data-driven sales dashboard

User interface, Design system

Online platform for sustainable
cosmetics & haircare

Brand Identity, Web Design

#dontacceptit Campaign By Iliada Kothra

Print, Art Direction